Udayan Sarma

Govt has launched a four-year National Monetisation Pipeline(NMP) worth Rs 6lakh crore.NMP aims to mobilize resources for financing infrastructure. What is NMP? In asset monetisation government plans to transfer some of its assets like the roads, coal mines, etc. to […]

What is the issue in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency over food shortages as private banks run out of foreign exchange to finance imports. With the country suffering a hard-hitting economic crisis, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Featured Image of Blog on China's Ageing Problem

China’s population trends have over the years been largely shaped by the one-child policy, which was introduced in 1979 to slow population growth.The one-child policy also led to a severe gender imbalance in the country. The
traditional preference for male children led to large numbers of girls being abandoned or placed in orphanages, or cases of sex-selective abortions or even female infanticide.

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