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Download The Assam Tribune Analysis and Current Affairs Compilation from The Hindu and The Indian Express. Important for APSC and UPSC Aspirant. (8 June 2022)

Important for GS-5 Paper (Modern Assamese Literature): Geetikavi Parvati Prasad Baruah(গীতিকবি পাৰ্বতী প্ৰসাদ বৰুৱা) and his Legacy

Geetikavi Parvati Prashad Baruah_Assam Tribune Analysis_8 June 2022

Provisions regarding Hate Speech, T. K. Viswanathan Committee and Bezbaruah Committee Recommendations

Provisions regarding Hate Speech_Assam Tribune Analysis_8 June 2022_2

Daily MCQ for APSC CCE Prelims by Lucent IAS

Daily MCQ for APSc Prelims_Lucent IAS

Correct Answer is B. USA:

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an independent U.S. foreign assistance agency that is helping lead the fight against global poverty. As of September 2017, MCC has formed partnership in 46 countries around the world including Nepal. Nepal is the only country in South Asia that MCC provided fund.

বৈদিক যুগৰ সাহিত্য | Literature of the Vedic Period (Ancient Indian History)

Important Current Affairs: ভাৰতৰ নিম্নমুখী Foreign Exchange Reserves আৰু অৰ্থনীতিত ইয়াৰ প্ৰভাৱ

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সময়োচিত পৰিকল্পনা কৰক, আগন্তুক অসম লোকসেৱা আয়োগৰ অসামৰিক সেৱা পৰীক্ষাৰ বাবে…

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